Body & Mind & Signature
Holding Hand and Asking a Question
Icarus, About to Leap
Desert Poet
Brick Touches Head Touches Pillow
White Baby With Rainbow Frame
Gay Uncle Touches Pregnant Belly
King Nerd Cradles The Content Creator
Holding Onto Heaven and Adding a Cloud, Expanded
Peeing Under the Sun
Red Rain Drop
Misses Pointing to Depth at 11 O'Clock
Cross of the Valley
In the Car
3 Skeletons
Head Missing Crown, Hands Missing Mountains
Eve and Adam
Prayer Legs
Father's Head
Father's Head
Miles and Zeina
The Why Rock
Ghosts with Wigs
Masculine Clocks
Activate Crystal
Valley Gate
Eagle Nebula and Fabric
Hands Washing Foot
Still Life with Wood and Brick
Third Eye Touches Second Heart
Hands Washing Foot
Between Two Trees
Small Influences
UK to Japan
Orange Tree Touches Cypresses
Desperate Situation With Light Sensitive Father
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