Paper and the traditional media used on paper are markedly sustainable and basic to modern human expression. Art on paper serves as a signal that the heights of our creativity, curiosity, and intellectual satisfaction can be attained in a materially modest, tangible, and renewable way.

In this spirit, we would like to commit our work to the Natural Resource Defense Council, which is perhaps the best rated and most globally effective voice on environmental action. To find out more about each artist, click on the pieces that you like. Please feel free to share this fundraiser with anyone and in any way. 






1. CLICK HERE to email Miles Lewis with the piece that you've selected from below. Wait for a quick confirmation.

2. CLICK HERE to donate the exact cost of the piece to the Natural Resource Defense Council. 

3. SEND the donation receipt to Miles Lewis through 

4. WAIT for your package in the mail.

(Shipments will be made directly by the artist or from Miles Lewis, by the end of the first week after the fundraiser).